CFS Bus Stuck on the Side of the Road

Last week Alejandro took his Clickbait class to Herald Sun headquarters, Durham. It was a nice trip. They saw the writing room and even visited the printing room. They even talked to the C.E.O. However, on the way back the bus broke down on the side of the road. Alejandro thought it was just low on gas but soon he realized it was something wrong with the engine. In a quote from Alejandro he said, “It was rough out there, we barely made it out alive. I had to use my belt and my shoe to keep the alligators away, and thank god I had a tube of toothpaste”.

Alejandro obviously is not taking this situation very seriously, as alligators actually live in Florida. So I decided to ask the students.

“We were stuck for what seemed like hours, while it was only about forty minutes… I didn’t have a phone so that wasn’t very fun,” said one CFS student.

Sadly the bus was towed away never to be seen again.

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Donald Trump Claims Democrats Backed Recent School Shootings

Yesterday, at 5:36 AM, Donald Trump tweeted,“Why do the dems always try to take people’s guns away after shootings? It just seems funny that they always seem to be ready with gun control when something happens.”Five minutes later, he added,“I have information from top officials that the dems are under investigation, and that some of Crooked Hillary’s emails are to the shooter.”Soon after, he added,“The Dems are liars, they say anything that would help them. They do their best to deceive the American people :(, not like the good folks at the NRA.”Three minutes later,“They say that I colluded with the Russians 😦 No collusion! At least I didn’t pay people thousands to kill americans and lie to the American people.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi responded through her own twitter, “Trump’s newest lies are some of the most vile, partisan hatred ever spewed by a sitting U.S. president. We are truly disgusted, and continue to extend our deepest sympathies to the victims and their families.” Whatever the case, while the country continues to be shocked by this horrible tragedy, federal gun control continues to be stopped by the NRA-backed republican-majority legislature. Despite this, people around the country seem to be growing  in their support of gun control. When the NRA refused to support his views, he tweeted quote “The leadership of the NRA is corrupt! They are helpless in the sea of liberal  corruption. We must retake this great democratic institution from the corrupt and make america great again!”  What will come from all this, for good or for bad, only time will tell.

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Big Hole Road

A CFS student’s grandmother once reportedly discovered a mysterious building when she allegedly took a wrong turn and was confronted by armed guards who requested that she turn around. She obliged but told the story to her son which was then passed on to this anonymous CFS student. They came to our reporter, hearing that we were writing articles, and I decided to do some research. In the early 1960’s an estimated 13 story deep hole, hence the name, big hole road, was dug in a contract by the government with AT&T. The size was estimated based on the amount of dirt removed from the area. After the hole was completed a bunker with a shock-spring absorbing foundation, rubber plumbing, concrete blast doors, and tropospheric scatter antenna, which allow signals to be sent farther, was installed in its place. It was supposedly designed to be used for the AUTOVON system by which the military, in the case of complete infrastructure collapse due to war, would communicate with the government at other facilities. Keep in mind that this took place during the cold war, which ranged from 1947-1991. The primary mission was, and remains, private. Employees and government officials who have worked there won’t talk and the ones that do only deny that it was at all related to AUTOVON. In 2008 it appeared to be abandoned but has since become active. Some locals have reported stories of strange clouds UFOs and earthquakes near the facility, could it be stranger things, aliens, or simply a secret government bunker, no one knows.

Georgia teacher gets arrested after shooting in a classroom

In a school about 90 miles from Atlanta a social studies teacher named Jesse Randal Davidson fired one shot during school “He certainly seemed like he did not have the intention to harm anyone else,” said a officer. He locked the door and barricaded himself in, and said “Don’t come in here, I have a gun.” The principal tried to unlock the door but then the teacher fired a shot. The school then evacuated. There were not students in the classroom, and there was a half hour standoff until police arrested him. He was talked out of the room calmly and with no resistance. No students were hurt in the shooting, except for a student who twisted her ankle while running away. After the shooting Trump said that he could “Stand in the middle of the 5th avenue and shoot somebody, and I would not lose voters.” Trump still wants to let teachers use firearms in school.

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Donald Trump Reverses Position on Gun Control

Donald Trump shocked Republicans last Wednesday, when he embraced gun control, saying “I like taking guns early. Take the guns first, go through due process second.” This declaration shocked many on Capitol Hill, and the NRA’s lobbyists spent hours frantically calling their allies, calling the suggestions “bad policy.” He also expresses disgust about violence in video games, saying that he looks at what his young son watches and says “How is that possible?” So far, while democrats have reacted with a mixture of skepticism and giddiness, the Republicans have reacted with horror, and outrage. He later gave his statements some weight, claiming that he was drafting an executive order banning bump stocks. Nebraska senator Ben Sasse said “We’re not ditching any constitutional protections simply because the last person the president talked to today didn’t like them.” To our reporters, the last statement seemed especially shocking, because it represented a republican admission that the president is as capricious and unstable as their Democratic opponents claim he is. This seemingly innocent statement also could be a way of trying to distance themselves from the bucking bronco that is the Trump administration. Later, a top spokesman for the NRA claimed that President Trump has retreated from quote, “His surprising support a day earlier for gun control measures.” He later tweeted “Good (Great) meeting with the NRA earlier in the oval office.” Despite all this, gun control is still political poison in congress. The NRA’s power may be somewhat weakened, but it is still a formidable force in our country. What will come from this, only time will tell.

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American officials feel ill when visiting China,Some Say Sabotage?

American officials visited China last week pushing a new trade agreement that would be more favorable to the United States, including less trade tax. When the diplomats were near to reaching an agreement, one of our diplomats had a bad stomach ache and excused himself from the room. A few minutes later more diplomats excused themselves for similar reasons and all agreements stopps. About an hour earlier the diplomats had dinner together, but the Americans requested a different dish from the Chinese. Hours after the Americans excused themselves there is moaning heard from the american rooms and one of the diplomat’s is found passed out on the flower and after visiting the other American diplomats rooms and helping them recover from similar conditions. Talks ended the next day and the American diplomats came back to the us. Here is a what Donald Trump said on the topic, “I beat the people from China. I win against China. You can win against China if you’re smart. But our people don’t have a clue. We give state dinners to the heads of China. I said, ‘why are you doing state dinners for them? They’re ripping us left and right. Just take them to McDonald’s and go back to the negotiating table,'” Our experts believe that Trump is not blaming China and just being himself. Our experts had no response to this quote from Trump “There are people who wish I wouldn’t refer to China as our enemy. But that’s exactly what they are. They have destroyed entire industries by utilizing low-wage workers, cost us tens of thousands of jobs, spied on our businesses, stolen our technology, poisoned our diplomats, and have manipulated and devalued their currency, which makes importing our goods more expensive – and sometimes, impossible.”


What are the similarity between CNN and Infowars? They’are both news sources.When a chromebook that’s on the CFS network attempts to go on Its blocked for undisplayed reasons. So, why is Infowars blocked from being viewed on the CFS network and CNN is not. Infowars and CNN both fall under the same category, News. We asked the top tech supervisor of CFS About the website being blocked and she said that she had never heard of InfoWars which is very unlikely. She Claims that the mistake demonstrates the imperfection of the content filter but when I try to load onto the site lightspeed systems does not block it,the internet does. The internet doesn’t block the website when I visit it off the CFS network. Another teacher said that government conspiracy type videos makes her anxious when we asked What I believe is that CFS does not want kids looking at conspiracy theories because It contradicts their current majority political view.